Why the cocktail shaker is a necessity

Why the cocktail shaker is a necessity - KITESSENSU

For those who like to drink cocktails, having a cocktail shaker is a must. It is not just mixing various beverages like a surface, it is meaningful to exist. Here are five reasons why you need a cocktail shaker.

1.Let a variety of flavors blend perfectly

      The main purpose of using a shaker to shake a cocktail is to completely mix all the ingredients of the drink. Ordinary drinks just pour different drinks into the same cup. Only shaking is the most thorough way to mix drinks. However, there are noticeable differences in a side-by-side comparison between a stirred and shaken version of the same mix. The milkshake can not only mix the ingredients more thoroughly but also aerate the cocktail, which will remove the original pungent alcohol taste of the shaken cocktail, so the shaken alcoholic beverage is easier to drink. This is one of the reasons why a cocktail shaker is used.


kitessensu cocktail shaker


2.Improve the taste of cocktails

      The secondary benefit of shaking is proper dilution. The second benefit of shaking is proper dilution. Some ice cubes can be put in the cocktail during the shaking process, the ice cubes will melt during the shaking process so that an appropriate amount of water will be incorporated into the cocktail. In this way, it is possible to avoid some 40% of wines that are difficult to eat after being mixed together, and the number of ice cubes melted into the water can be controlled by the length of shaking time, and different shaking methods are used for different cocktails to achieve different tastes.


kitessensu cocktail shaker


3.Maintain the original taste

      The above explained that adding an appropriate amount of ice cubes when shaking to properly dilute the cocktail, this operation will also make the shaking cocktail reach the freezing point. In this way, after adding large ice cubes to the cocktail glass, the cocktail will not melt the ice cubes quickly due to the temperature, and there will not be a situation where the cocktail with ice cubes will become lighter and lighter.
      Of course, you can also choose some professional whiskey ice cubes. I have prepared it for you. Click here to view.
      Therefore, maintaining the temperature of the cocktail is one of the benefits of using a cocktail shaker.

4.Give you more cocktail choices

      Because you have the tools that can blend any bartending ingredients together, you have more options to enhance the taste of your cocktails, or you can try shaking and drinking more cocktails that you can't normally make by yourself.
      You can also try some of the classic cocktails officially certified by IBA. I have prepared these cocktail recipes for you. Click here to view.
      In this way, you can drink cocktails from professional bars without going to professional bars. This is one of the reasons why I recommend you to have your own cocktail shakers.


Kitessensu Cocktail Shaker

5.Enhance the sense of ritual

      When you drink, each cup is done by yourself with a cocktail shaker, your experience will be greatly improved. It can not only meet your bartending needs but also enhance your sense of ritual in life. , You can also mix different flavors and different concentrations of cocktails according to your ideas.
      When you are not drinking, it can also be used as an ornament in the kitchen, because in addition to allowing you to make delicious cocktails, it also has the perfect color and exquisite appearance. Think about it, whenever a friend comes to your home when he sees your perfect cocktail shaker, and when he sighs how beautiful your shaker is, make a cocktail of yours, your self-confidence will be greatly improved. So that’s why I recommend you to have a cocktail shaker.


kitessensu cocktail shaker



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