12 Horoscope Cocktails for Your Sign

12 Horoscope Cocktails for Your Sign

What's Your Sign? There's a Drink for That

 It's fun to discover all the things that are associated with our astrological signs. Among the many correspondences, specific herbs and plants are connected to the signs of the zodiac. Because herbs are great ingredients for cocktails, we can take this a step further. 

Using the associated herbs and character traits for each sign, let's explore twelve amazing and fresh cocktail recipes that are hand-picked just for you.

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    Aquarius: Borrachón Cocktail

    Denzel Heath's Borrachon Cocktail


    Birthday: January 20 through February 18

    A very fun bourbon recipe, the Borrachón Cocktail is filled with flavor. It all begins with a homemade pomegranate and rooibos lemonade, then builds on that with an impressive bourbon.

    We're using rosemary as the Aquarius connection and it comes into play in the most amazing way. Before you mix the drink, you'll lace the glass with burning rosemary. It's a fabulous trick and the recipe should appeal to your desire for originality.

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    Pisces: Pineapple Sage Gimlet

    Pineapple Sage Gimlet Punch


    Birthday: February 19 through March 20

    Put a spin on the popular Gimlet and mix up the Pineapple and Sage Gimlet in punch form. It would be a fabulous addition to brunch or any small party.

    Mixing this drink is extremely easy. You'll just combine a nice gin with pineapple juice, add some fresh sage and a little sweet and sour. It comes together rather quickly and is a fantastic looking pitcher cocktail. That should be perfect for your Pisces artistic side.

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    Aries: Union Square

    New Amsterdam Gin's Union Square Cocktail


    Birthday: March 21 through April 19

    Enjoy the perfect pairing of fresh strawberries and basil in this fantastic Union Square cocktail. It's a seductive drink, but there's also some practicality to it, which any Aries can appreciate.

    The base liquor is a budget-friendly gin that's among the best available. The cocktail requires a little muddling action to extract those sweet fruit juices and herbal essences as well. It's simple, fun, and tasty.

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    Taurus: Old Thyme Sour

    Old Thyme Sour Cocktail With Irish Whiskey


    Birthday: April 20 through May 20

    Rarely does Irish whiskey receive the treatment it does in the Old Thyme Sour. It's unique, intriguing, and a cocktail you'll come to rely on overtime.

    The Taurus connection is thyme, which is mixed with cinnamon to create a custom syrup. This accents the herbal liqueurs of St. Germain and Chartreuse. While it requires a bit of patience, we know you're perfect for the job.

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    Gemini: Daquir-ease

    Daiquiri-ease cocktail recipe

    Birthday: May 21 through June 20

    The Daiquiri-ease is a beautiful cocktail that includes lavender honey and a blueberry shrub. Both of these are easy to make yourself and ideal for that Gemini curiosity of yours.

    The duality of this cocktail cannot be dismissed either. The herbal honey and homemade shrub are the perfect contrast to the rum and sparkling water. It gives the Gemini two common and two unique ingredients to look forward to and the lavender is right up your alley.

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    Cancer: Summertime Fruit Punch Lemonade

    Watermelon strawberry kiwi bowl in garden


    Birthday: June 21 through July 22

    Summer born and sentimental, you'll love to share the Summertime Fruit Punch Lemonade with family and friends. Though the recipe's written for one, it is easy to make for a group.

    This spruced up lemonade has everything that's great about summer. Fresh watermelon, sparkling pink lemonade, and a fine vodka do sound great. Yet, when we add a little parsley, your Cancer identity really finds its match.

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    Leo: Cranberry Daiquiri

    Cranberry Daiquiri With Tarragon

    Birthday: July 23 through August 22

    Tarragon is an unexpected ingredient in this Cranberry Daiquiri. It's also ideal for that brave and creative nature we know and love about Leos.

    This daiquiri is filled with great flavors, including elderflower, cranberry, and lime. Backed up by a fine rum, that tarragon signature will not go unnoticed. Be sure to share, which we're sure you will because that's just the way you are.

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    Virgo: Whiskey Smash

    Whiskey Smash cocktail recipe

    Birthday: August 23 through September 22

    No frills, no fluff, and a cocktail that is so very Virgo, the Whiskey Smash was a logical choice. It's clean, practical, and you can even remain loyal to your favorite whiskey—though we do suggest bourbon.

    This is a true classic in the cocktail world and is much like the Old-Fashioned. The Virgo spin comes from fresh mint, which is muddled along with fresh lemon. Top that with whiskey and syrup and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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    Libra: Aviation Cocktail

    Classic Aviation Cocktail Recipe

    Birthday: September 23 through October 22

    The Aviation Cocktail is a beautiful classic that requires creme de violette liqueur to give it a stunning blue hue. The violet is the one flower that every agrees is perfect for a Libra.

    The drink is simple; just mix gin, maraschino, lemon, and creme de violette. It's perfectly balanced, which we know you prefer. If you like, you could even harvest the flowers yourself and make violet syrup. Either way, there is harmony to be found in this glass.

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    Scorpio: Coriandrum

    Square One Organic's The Coriandrum Cocktail


    Birthday: October 23 through November 21

    Things get just a little spicy for the Scorpio and this should fit your passionate—yet calm and cool—nature. The Coriandrum is a spectacular cocktail and you'll love how coriander sneaks into the mix.

    This drink begins rather normally. It is essentially a vodka martini made with an impressive organic vodka. When you add the homemade coriander nectar with an agave base, it goes from good to fantastic. It's a drink you'll want to share.

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    Sagittarius: Sage Lady

    Absolut Sage Lady Cocktail Recipe

    Birthday: November 22 through December 21

    Mix a little cucumber, a bit of sage, and mango vodka and you have one fine Sage Lady. Sage is the inspiration for this Sagittarius-worthy cocktail and it should appeal to your adventurous side.

    The cocktail is difficult to describe because the flavor combination is uniquely familiar. Maybe you've eaten mango with cucumber or enjoyed cucumber and sage at some point. Yet, when the three come together, it's an entirely new experience.

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    Capricorn: Smoked Rose

    Smoked Rose Scotch Whisky Cocktail


    Birthday: December 22 through January  

    A beautiful way to dress up a glass of scotch: smoke the glass with rosemary. While it is a scotch cocktail, it treats the esteemed whiskey with a respect that we know even the most austere Capricorn can appreciate.

    Rosemary is ideal for this sign and the drink doubles up on the herb. Not only is it used to smoke the glass, but it also appears in a homemade syrup. Add a splash of Chartreuse and a healthy shot of whiskey and you have one memorable drink.


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