A guide to making your own cocktails, N liqueurs for your home

A guide to making your own cocktails, N liqueurs for your home

As we know, alcohol can be divided into fermented spirits, which are fermented with sugar-rich ingredients, and distilled spirits, which are further distilled on top of fermentation. If you mix the two, or use distilled spirits as a base, add various fruits and spices and sweeten them, you will have our main character today - liqueur

Liqueurs, with their wide variety of aromas, colors, and tastes, are an essential part of the mixer.


The perfect liqueur - Drambuie

Drambuie, a word derived from the Gaelic "dram buidheach", means "the perfect drink". It is said that a Scottish prince fled to the Isle of Skye (home of the famous talisker distillery) and was given the recipe for this drink out of gratitude for protection.

But not necessarily credible, but so what?

By using Speyside's whiskey as the base spirit and adding honey and herbs, the concoction will be filled with the aroma of honey, and the aroma of vanilla, fruit, and cream of the malt whiskey will emerge afterwards. It is not very sweet in liqueur, and drinking it neat you can observe the golden color like autumn water, and enjoy the gentlemanly elegance under the light golden glow.

▴Mixing guide: Drambuie

Base spirit: Speyside whiskey
Ingredients: Honey, various herbs

▴Mixing recommendations:

rusty nail: Scotch whisky (if you want to look more nostalgic and orthodox, you can choose to blend whisky, such as green, old parr18, etc.), and Doolin label in the ratio of 1:1 (you can use the flavor of more mature and sophisticated Doolin label 15 years), and then use the mixing stick stirring, and finally add hand-chiseled ice ball to show the style.


Grand marnier, an old-school liqueur with a superior taste

Grand Marnier and Dulce de Leche are the best of the liqueurs in terms of style. They are based on cognac and malt whisky respectively, which is much higher than many of the ones with "alcohol" written on the ingredients.

Invented in 1880 by Alexandre marnier-lapostolle, the shape of the bottle was inspired by the distillers. In addition to our most common red ribbon (cordon rouge), there is also a wine based yellow ribbon (cordon jaune) and cuvee du centenaire, cuvee special cinquantenaire, cuvee louis-alexandre marnier- lapostolle and other special limited editions.

The latter, with the exception of the cordon jaune, are more expensive and not easy to find, and obviously do not fit the concept of "at home" (please ignore the trench). Let's take a look at the most readily available cordon rouge.

It has a strong aroma of orange peel and essential oils. The taste is sweet, with a hint of acidity and a pleasant bitterness from the orange peel. Deliciously pleasant.

If you are a fan of citrus, it is worth a try, both in aroma and taste. You can use lime juice to neutralize the sweetness and increase the acidity to make the taste better.

▴Mixing Guide: Grand marnier

Base spirit: Cognac brandy
Accessories: orange peel

▴Mixing recommendations:

1、 Side car: 2oz of cognac, 1oz of orange liqueur and 1oz of lime juice. mix in a shaker and pour into a champagne glass.

2. Cosmopolitan: Vodka 2.5oz, orange liqueur 1oz, lime juice 1oz, cranberry juice 1oz. Shake well in a shaker and garnish with a lime wedge.

The cocktail featured in "Sex and the City" translates to "Metropolis". The red color is full of temptation, just like the red and green places, always reminds people, it is almost the standard for the ladies in the bar, use it to hunt.

There is always a strange flavor for you-Jagermeister

Sometimes we are always interested in some strange flavors, and often these flavors are difficult for everyone to accept, such as durian, stinky tofu, etc. Then Jagermeister is the same.

How about describing jager? As a masterpiece of German herbal liqueur (Krauterlikor), the first drinking impression of most people is that it is like a licorice concoction, a combination of syrupy alcohol.

Just as there is a barrier between peat lovers and other whisky drinkers, Nog also receives a lot of controversy, not only the taste.

Nog is seen as a party animal, a hippie drink, full of rebellious spirit. It has aromas of licorice, aniseed and cough syrup. If you are a heavy lover of licorice candy (salmiakki), imagine drinking a lot of sweet licorice syrup.

But it's also a great liqueur to keep around the house. Sometimes, when we don't want to get too serious about a glass of whiskey, brandy or wine, we mix it in, pour it over a chilled bullet and drink it all in one refreshingly sweet sip.

▴Bartending guide: Jagermeister

Base spirit: cooking alcohol
Accessories: licorice, fennel, ginger, poppy seeds, etc. (recipe not fully disclosed)

▴Mixing recommendations:

1. Water cut style: water and wine 1:1 mix straight drinking glass with ice cubes and stir.

2. Nog energy: 1:1 mix of wine and functional drinks, or throw a shot into the drink like we play with depth charges, like trying to play it cool on the edge of danger.

Baileys (Baileys), a dessert in wine

If jager is the face of quirky flavors, then Baileys is the liqueur world's little titty dog. Almost everyone can handle it, whether they are new or old drivers.

Creamy, caramelized, and only slightly alcoholic, it is simply the little dessert of wine.

It was born in Ireland, now under Diageo, with Irish whiskey as the base. Irish whiskey itself is three times distilled in the whiskey world to get a light name, to it as the base of the Baileys sweet is sweet and lovely, alcohol feeling very little, rich creamy flavor so that it is often used as a dressing.

I once read an article that was quite dissing the boys who drank Baileys, thinking they were children who hadn't grown up. But why do adults have to look mature and wise all the time?

▴Bartending Guide: Bailey's

Base spirit: Irish whiskey
Accessories: milk, sugar and others.

▴Mixing recommendations:

1. B52: 0.25oz coffee liqueur, 0.25oz Bailey's, 0.25oz vodka Pour slowly into shot glasses with a mixing stick at once, patiently create layers, then light the top layer of vodka with a lighter. If you can drink it all in one go, you may be considered a warrior and be favored.

2. Irish coffee: make coffee by boiling it and adding about 1oz of Irish whiskey and covering it with milk froth.

Liqueurs tend to be versatile, and their history and anecdotal stories are not inferior to any other liquor, though they are often labeled as a supporting actor. In fact, most liqueurs are good enough to drink neat and even better to mix.

Always have a few bottles of liqueur at home, before and after dinner, party gathering, try the above recipe, may make the body and mind happy oh.


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