Cobbler Shaker or Boston Shaker?

Cobbler Shaker or Boston Shaker? - KITESSENSU
Cocktail shakers are synonymous with drinking and cocktails.

When you start to learn to drink, the first thing you want to have is a set of cocktail shakers that can be used at home. The two most popular shakers on the market are Boston Shaker and Cobbler Shaker. How do we choose these two shakers?

What is Boston Shaker ?

The simplest Boston Shaker is composed of two metal tins:

Kitessensu Boston Cocktail Shaker
The shaker is usually composed of two mixing containers, which cooperate with each other to form a tight closed loop to shake the cocktail. The first container is always made of tin and is frequently 28 oz in size. The other container is made of tin or glass and is generally 18 oz in size. A small part of the combination is 20/25 oz.

Operation method:

Generally, the raw materials are put into a smaller container, and then the larger container is covered on it, and the bottom of the larger container is knocked to achieve a sealed state. Then face the small container to us and shake it! Finally, tap the side of the cup to open it, and then pour it into the cocktail glass through the filter.

Accessories for Boston cocktail shakers:

The Hawthorne Strainer:

kitessensu cocktail shaker

This is a style with a coil on the edge, and its function is to filter out the ice in the shaker. Just turn the direction of the coil down and press the filter with your index finger to pour the cocktail without ice into the glass.

The Julep Strainer:

kitessensu cocktail shaker

Julep Strainer looks like an oversized deep-lip spoon with a stubby handle. There are many small holes on its surface, allowing liquids instead of ice cubes to slide through it.


kitessensu cocktail shaker

Jigger is a typical bar must-have. It is double-sided and can help bartenders reduce excessive pouring and maintain consistency when making cocktails. They have different capacities on each end, ranging from 0.5 to 2.5 ounces.

Advantages and disadvantages of Boston Shaker:

The Boston shaker is relatively large, suitable for large-capacity drink preparation, and the cup body is smooth and straightforward, which is easy to clean.

The less convenient is that to use a Boston shaker, you need a separate filter and jig. In addition, maintaining airtightness requires specific skills, which is difficult for novices.

What is Cobbler Shaker?

Cobbler Shaker consists of a mixing tank, a top with a built-in filter, and a lid that is usually used as a measuring instrument.

Kitessensu 24oz Cobbler Cocktail Shaker

Operation method:

Just pour all the raw materials into the cup, cover the filter and bottle cap, and the sealing effect can be achieved. At this time, you just need to keep shaking. Finally, open the lid, pour the mixed liquid into the glass, a simple cocktail is made successfully

Advantages and disadvantages of Cobbler Shaker:

When I make a simple drink without mixed ingredients, I find the cobbler shaker is easy to use. If I need to add fruit, mint leaves, or other additives, these ingredients will probably get stuck on the top of the filter and clog the mouth of the bottle.

The shoemaker usually only has one drink, and it leaks easily when shaken. Another disadvantage is that residues of syrup, egg whites, and solid ingredients can get stuck in the filter and lid. The Cobbler Shaker needs to wash it well between uses.

But what if you need to mix the solution quickly and enjoy it? I can easily use the lid to measure my ingredients, then shake and enjoy. In this case, the cobbler shaker is my first choice.

In Conclusion:

Professional bartenders usually choose Boston Shaker sets because of their larger capacity and with the help of Jigger, working faster and more efficiently behind busy bars. For home bars, I would recommend Cobbler Shaker sets because they are easy to use and you usually do not need to make a lot of cocktails. For most people, it is more convenient and easier to operate without making mistakes. It is an excellent choice for novices.



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