How to clean the cocktail shaker

How to clean the cocktail shaker - KITESSENSU

Many people ask us if our cocktail glasses can be washed in the dishwasher, and our answer is usually "no".

The main reason is that if it is cleaned in the dishwasher, the collision of the metal is inevitable, which will cause the smooth cup to be easily scratched. If you buy a black or other color vibrating screen and wash it in the dishwasher, it is likely to cause the surface to fade. This is an inevitable danger, so I suggest you wash it by hand.

Generally speaking, the cleaning process is as follows:
1: Bring warm water to a boil, choose a moderate temperature, and keep the water temperature constant.
2: Prepare a soft brush and moisten it
3: Prepare detergent or soap on the soft brush
4: Clean each position of the shaker until it is clean
5: After cleaning, dry the water with a towel and store the shaker


Note: If you don't want to experience the peeling of the coating, you can choose to buy a silver shaker to avoid this problem completely. (View the silver suit


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