9. Clover Club

9. Clover Club - KITESSENSU


      The Clover Club Cocktail is a drink that pre-dates Prohibition in the United States, and is named for the Philadelphia men's club of the same name, which met in the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel at South Broad and Walnut Streets in Center City. The Clover Club itself dates to 1896, as seen in the 1897 book, The Clover Club of Philadelphia, page 172 by Mary R. Deacon. Brooklyn's Clover Club restaurant claims that the Philadelphia men's club dates to 1882 and lasted until "the 1920s."

      Published recipes for the Clover Club drink appear as early as 1917:

      The Ideal Bartender (1917) by Thomas Bullock, page 27: "Fill large Bar glass full Fine Ice. 2 pony Raspberry Syrup. 2 jigger Dry Gin. 1 jigger French Vermouth. White of 1 Egg. Shake well; strain into Cocktail glass and serve."


45 ml Gin
15 ml Raspberry Syrup
15 ml Fresh Lemon Juice
Few Drops of Egg White


Pour all ingredients into cocktails shaker, shake well with ice, strain into chilled cocktail glass


Fresh raspberries


kitessensu cocktail shaker

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