1. TUMBLER - Used for neat drinks (straight liquor) or cocktails served over ice.Tumblers stand 2 inches high and typically hold 6 to 10 ounces.Whiskey is the most common spirit served in tumbler glasses.

2. COCKTAIL GLASS - This glass is sophisticated as well as functional. The stem keeps the heat from your hands off the bowl, keeping the cocktail chilled. The wide top allows aromatic compounds in the cocktail to waft delicately to your nose.

3. STEM GLASS - Wine is the most common drink served in a stem glass. There are several types of stem glasses for different kinds of wine (red, white, champagne, etc.). We serve only a small handful of cocktails in stem glasses - the most notable being a Pisco Sour.

4.PINT - A traditional beer glass, most ales and  darker beers are served in pints. We serve the Schiller's smoothie and our egg creams in pint glasses. Drinks with several ingredients lend themselves to the larger pint glass.

5.COLLINS GLASS - Named after the Tom Collins, this tall and slim glass holds 10-12 ounces of liquid, with plenty of room for ice and muddled fruit. We use these for Mojitos, Pimm's Cup, and other summer coolers.

6.TODDY GLASS - Any hot beverage should go into a glass with a handle-this prevents you from burning your hands on the vessel. Today glasses are more sophisticated than a traditional mug, yet with an 8-ounce capacity, they are bigger than a teacup.

7.HIGHBALL - Taller than a rocks glass and shorter than a Collins glass, this medium-size slender glass holds about 8 ounces. The highball is a favorite for simple two - to  three - ingredient mixed drinks. A vodka soda, for example, would be served in a highball.

8.ROCKS GLASSM (OLD FASHIONED GLASS) - A short, stout glass for serving a whiskey on the rocks or an Old Fashioned. Although a rocks glass can hold about 6 ounces, it normally contains about 2 to 4 ounces of liquor plus ice. Any drink on the rocks can be served in  this glass.



GLASSWARE is an essential bar tool and the different types of bar tools above serve different purposes. Ready to make a great cocktail?

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