10 Amazing Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Bartending Kit

10 Amazing Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Bartending Kit - KITESSENSU
Crafting a delicious cocktail is attainable with the practice of basic bartending techniques. For those seeking to expand their bartending knowledge, either as a hobby or professionally, a simple bartending kit would make your job much easier.

Starting bartenders should be familiar with basic concepts such as common ingredients and terms, mixing techniques (e.g. shaking, stirring, muddling), and bar equipment. Though it may seem overwhelming, you can easily manage and learn at your own pace.

By having some essential bar tool set and learning tips and tricks, your future cocktails can surpass any previous ones. As you continue to make drinks from scratch, you'll become addicted to the satisfaction of crafting a fresh, homemade cocktail. You will learn everything from scratch when you start practicing the art of mixology from your home. A basic bartender set is all you need to start the game.

Importance of home bartending kit
Stunning cocktails are produced through the use of a proper mixologist set, as bartending involves both art and science. The tools work together to maintain the consistency and quality of the drink. A sloppy bartender can ruin the experience, causing stress instead of relaxation, unless that's the intended atmosphere.

Consider your usage before buying mixology tools or bar shaker sets. For personal home use, buy a comprehensive bar mixer set. For professional bartending, consider purchasing specific kits for work and home, taking into account frequency of use and potential wear and tear. Remember, "Know thyself!

Home bartending is a great way to impress your friends, family, and guests by serving them delicious and professionally made cocktails. Having a complete home bartending kit can make the experience even more enjoyable and effortless. Here are some reasons why having a home bartending kit is important.

Variety of drinks: With a home bartending kit, you can make a wide variety of drinks, from classic cocktails to your creations. Whether you prefer sweet, sour, or strong cocktails, a home bartending kit provides you with the tools you need to make almost any drink.
Cost-effective: Buying a home bartending kit is much cheaper than going to a bar every time you want a cocktail. With a kit, you can make your drinks at home, saving money and allowing you to invest in high-quality ingredients.
Creativity: A home bartending kit provides an opportunity to get creative and experiment with different flavors and ingredients. You can make your signature drinks, and even come up with new recipes to impress your guests.
Convenience: With a home bartending kit, you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home to enjoy a great drink. You can make your favorite cocktails any time, without having to worry about traveling to a bar or waiting for a bartender.
Improved skills: Using a home bartending kit helps to improve your bartending skills and increases your knowledge about different ingredients, recipes, and techniques. You can experiment with different recipes and ingredients, and make changes to suit your taste.
Socializing: A home bartending kit provides an opportunity to socialize with friends and family. You can invite people over for a cocktail party, or simply make drinks for your guests while entertaining.
Personal expression: A home bartending kit gives you the chance to showcase your style and express your creativity through your drinks. You can choose your ingredients, recipes, and techniques to make your drinks truly unique.

Now that you have understood the importance of home bartending tools, let us get started with the amazing tricks you can try with them.

1. Basic flip
As a beginner, it can be challenging, but there are simple techniques to help you master the art. One of the first moves to try is the "basic flip."

To perform this move, hold the bottle by its neck and spin it in front of your body before catching it again. The liquid will flow when you catch it, eliminating the risk of spilling drinks and disappointing your thirsty customers.

2. Challenge your friends with a fun bar trick
Gather a bottle of beer and a plastic straw. Place a bet that you can spin the straw on top of the bottle without physically touching it. Generate static friction by rubbing the straw against your clothes. Then, balance the straw on top of the bottle. Next, move your finger in a circular motion around the straw, but don't touch it. The static energy from your finger will cause the straw to spin on top of the bottle, giving the illusion of wizardry.

3. Demonstrate a fun bar trick with an olive and two napkins
Place an olive on one napkin, and place an empty napkin a reasonable distance away. Announce that you will move the olive from one napkin to the other using only a snifter glass. For an added challenge, have someone else try first, as they will likely attempt to scoop up the olive in vain. When it's your turn, place the glass upside down over the olive. Then, move the glass in small circular motions. The centrifugal force will cause the olive to be drawn up to the top of the glass. To complete the trick, either flip the glass over to catch the olive when it reaches the top and transfer it to the other napkin, or impress everyone by maintaining the centrifugal motion while moving the glass, still upside down, to the second napkin.

4. Bottle stalls
Become a pro at bottle flipping with this challenging trick. To master it, start by spinning the bottle in your hand before catching it. You can either catch and hold onto the neck of the bottle or let it go, but be mindful not to drop it.

This trick is harder than flipping from palm to palm as the latter only requires momentum, while bottle flipping involves manually rotating the bottle for added speed.

5. Palm spin
Spinning a bottle and pouring from it is not as simple as it appears. Despite many attempts, only a select few have perfected this technique.

Acquiring this skill requires dedicated practice, especially if you aim for a 360-degree spin or multiple rotations. To increase the difficulty, try spinning two bottles at once, which will give your fingers a good workout.

Perform a simple bar trick using a business card and a coin
Place a business card on top of an empty bottle and place a dime or penny in the center of the card, with the bottle opening directly underneath. Next, quickly flick the card, and the coin should fall into the bottle, instead of flying away with the card as one might expect.

6. Ten out of ten practice
The 10 out of 10 technique involves attempting to successfully execute a difficult bartending move ten times in a row. If you miss, start from the beginning again until you have completed ten successful repetitions.

This technique is challenging but attainable for even novice bartenders who have previously practiced. The repetition helps to improve focus, so it's important to stay focused, even after completing nine successful moves. Don't let yourself get too relaxed or you risk making a mistake on the final attempt.

7. Remove a Dollar From Underneath an Overturned Beer Bottle
Although it may not live up to the expectations of yanking a dollar bill out from under an upside-down beer bottle with ninja-like agility, it is still a pretty remarkable feat. Begin by placing a dollar bill under an empty, inverted beer bottle. Then, gently roll the bill toward the bottle. This action will gradually push the bottle away and bring the bill towards you, without toppling it over.

8. Mixed drink
A mixed drink is a beverage made by blending two or more elements. They often include ice and are usually shaken or stirred before being served. Some popular examples of mixed drinks include the Old Fashioned, margarita, and rum and coke. In the world of bartending, it is generally assumed that mixed drinks include alcohol, but this is not always so. So impress your friends with some popular non-alcoholic mixed drinks, such as Shirley Temple, Arnold Palmer, and Roy Rogers.

9. Spoon flip
The tin flip and spoon toss are essential tricks for budding bartenders. Starting as a bartender, you can never go wrong by mastering the tin flip and spoon toss. Both tricks are relatively simple, making them ideal for beginners. The spoon toss has an added advantage, with its long handle providing a secure grip after the trick is completed. On the other hand, tin flips require more practice and patience to master, but the result is well worth the effort.

To begin your journey, start by practicing spinning the spoon around your index finger. This may be challenging at first, but keep at it! With time and persistence, you'll be able to master the trick.

You can create a bar in your own home with just a few essentials. Start by gathering cocktail recipe books and basic glassware for whiskey or vodka. Consider purchasing a home bartending kit to develop your mixing skills that will last a lifetime. There are many brands available in the market but Kitessensu offers quality bar kits at an affordable price.
Next, invest in a stylish bar cart, a must-have for a functional home bar. With these tools, your home will soon become the go-to destination for like-minded mixologists who appreciate the art of hosting a relaxed and enjoyable drink party.


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