2. Americano

2. Americano - KITESSENSU


      Americano, a cocktail of Italian origin, first appeared in the bar of the inventor Gaspare Campari, is one of the cocktails listed by the IBA for the World Cocktail Competition, first known as Milano-Torino, named by the origin of the base spirit, was the favorite cocktail of American guests to Italy during Prohibition in the United States, hence the name "Americano"


30 ml Bitter Campari
30 ml Sweet Red Vermouth
A splash of Soda Water


Mix the ingredients directly in an old fashioned glass filled with ice cubes. Add a splash of Soda Water. Stir gently


Garnish with half orange slice and a lemon zest

kitessensu cocktail shaker

                                                                                 Image from :inshaker.com



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Text from :IBA-World and Wikipedia


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