Margarita with a tasty story

Margarita with a tasty story

The margarita is known as the "queen of cocktails" and is one of the world's most recognizable traditional cocktails other than the martini. It was the winner of the 1949 All-American Cocktail Competition.

The history of the origin


1926, the United States of America in Los Angeles named Jane Duressa young man took his girlfriend to hunt, but in the process, Margaret was unfortunately shot dead. Since then Jane Duressa was depressed, in order to honor his girlfriend, she made this cocktail named after his dead girlfriend to send his condolences, and in this way won the 1949 National Cocktail Competition. Jane Duressa's standard margarita recipe is tequila, lemon juice, and salt. The tequila is the national drink of Mexico adopted in honor of his girlfriend, Margarita. The lemon, on the other hand, represents his sour heart and the salt represents his tears.

Margarita has the bitterness of tequila, the sourness of lemon, and the saltiness of salt. The three different flavors are intertwined so that the taste buds can create a very wonderful chemical reaction. Because tequila is a strong spirit produced in the tropics, you can feel a kind of fiery spirit when you just enter the mouth, but instantly this heat is washed out again by the gentleness of lime, and the aftertaste has a light orange flavor. This feeling seems to be the same as the love between Jane Duressa and Margaret, passionate and with light mourning. 

Traditional Margarita 


Preparation method
35ml tequila
20ml Cointreau Orange Peel
15ml lemon juice
Half a lime
A pinch of salt

1. Wet the rim of a margarita glass with a lemon wedge;
2. Dip the moistened glass in a fine salt surface to coat it with a "salt cream";
3. Shake the ingredients in an ice-filled shaker;
4. Pour the shaken wine into a margarita glass with a salt rim;
5. Garnish with some lime wedges/corners.

In addition to the traditional margaritas we most commonly see, there are nearly two dozen other ways to make them, with a variety of fruit-flavored margaritas and a variety of other colors being the majority. A blue margarita that is super easy to mix and reminiscent of the deep blue sea of the Caribbean.

 A blue margarita is a traditional margarita with "Cointreau Orange Peel" replaced by "Blue Orange Liqueur".


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